YES, we provide inspections to the majority of Victoria!

Not just a Melbourne based inspector!

Yes, we are based in Melbourne, but did you know that Safe and Sound Property Inspections can also provide inspections throughout Victoria too? No matter where the property may be, contact us to see if we can provide you with a property inspection where you are. We have been an independent building inspector Melbourne based home buyers have contacted, but many buyers in Victoria have also contacted us many times to get a great quote on an inspection that they can rely on. We’ll research the property well before we do our inspection so that we know just how old the property is, as well as finding out what to look for when we come to do our inspection. We will provide you with an inspection report just 24 hours after completing the inspection too, which our customers agree is a great turnaround time!


Competitive quotes

If you are based in Victoria and are searching for a good building inspection, are you focussing on looking for prices? We can offer you some competitive rates that will offer you a full inspection service as well as any additional extras that you may require. Some areas of Victoria are prone to certain pests, so if you are concerned about infestations and any damage that they may have caused, we can even offer pest inspections in Victoria too in addition to the standard building inspection that you may require. Whilst this is not essential, often, we think it makes sense for our customers to choose this additional service as it will uncover things like termites and woodworm which can cause structural distresses to properties, not only costing a large amount of money to repair, but also rendering properties unsafe if undetected. A you can see, some added extras can give you the peace of mind hat Safe and Sound Property Inspections think all home buyers should have.