Ways to find the best building inspector in Melbourne

Don’t rely on testimonials alone!

Whilst some building inspectors will rely on the testimonials on their website to ensure they get the customers they need, Safe and Sound Property Inspections believe strongly in word of mouth promotion. Many of our customers have returned to us when they’ve needed another property inspection, and those that are happy with the property inspection they’ve had have even recommended their friends too. We believe that the number of referrals that we’ve had are proof that our customers are happy with our service. If you’re looking for Melbourne pre purchase property inspections, try asking other people in the area who they used when they needed an inspection. You’ll find that people that have been happy with their building inspector are more than happy to recommend them on to you, whilst those who had a bad experience will be very vocal about their past experiences. There really is nothing better than asking the locals.


Local inspectors may not always be the best

Whilst some small towns like Box Hill may have their own local building inspectors there are many times when we’ve carried out a property inspection Box Hill buyers have requested because they haven’t been impressed with the local inspectors that are available. You need a property inspector who will be available when you need them and one that has the extras that makes their service better like insurance and experience. Safe and Sound Property Inspections are insured against anything that we may miss when we are doing out inspections. Although it doesn’t happen very often at all, we are human and it is possible that we could miss something. It is the piece of mind that we can offer our customers that make us stand out from our competition. We will even give you a call when you do get your property inspection report, just to make sure you understand everything.