Watch Out For These Home Health Hazards (Part 1)

Do you know that you can get sick even inside your own home? You don’t want to get sick – everybody does. We think that we are safe indoors so we don’t let ourselves and our children to go outdoors too much. However, there are home health hazards that can increase the chances of each member of the family to get sick. We think that these home health hazards are nothing, but they are dangerous so to speak.

This article will help you enlighten up your mind about home health hazards. The following list presents you the most common home health hazards. Read on to find more information about them, and how they pose risks to your family’s health.


Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral which is commonly used as building materials for our home. It has a natural fire resistant property which is why, many home builders of before, considered using asbestos as building material. However, the use of asbestos did not stay long in building homes. Asbestos is composed of long, thin fibers which can be possibly lodged in the air. If we happened to inhale these fibers, we are at great risk of developing lung cancer. To avoid developing lung cancer, buy an asbestos-free home.

Lead-based paint

Though in the US, the use of lead-based paint has been banned, there are still some countries like China that sell this hazardous paint. We all have the general knowledge that any lead containing materials are dangerous to one’s health. The accidental ingestion of lead can result to lead poisoning. Once lead flows in our body system, we can have anemia, nervous system damage, high blood pressure, and reproductive problems. So before you purchase a new home, see whether the used paint was lead-free.


How can a mold be such a threat when it only does is uglify your home? Molds are a threat because their spores can trigger an asthma attack. When the spores of the molds are lodged into the air, we can possibly inhale them and enter our lungs. For people with asthma, they could have an asthma attack. Aside from that, molds weaken the foundation of our homes leading to accidents. During home inspections, be sure to have a keen eye for molds. Scrub them away to protect your family.


If cigarettes are the number one cause of lung cancer, radon cops the second seat. Radon is from the decaying elements of uranium which are mostly found in soils. If the radon chemical is trapped inside our home, it can cause lung cancer risks. So as not to trap radon inside our home, we should always have a good ventilation so that air can freely go inside and out.

There are other objects and chemicals inside our home that pose great risks to our health. If you don’t want to be spending your day at the hospital, watch out for these home health hazards.