Top 5 ways to look for quality houses

Consult your mortgage lender

Before you even begin looking for your new home, it is essential that you talk to your mortgage lender. You should check how much of a deposit you will need, and what documents your mortgage lender needs you to have. Usually, you can get a decision in principal about the mortgage, but this will be subject to a building inspection report. Safe and Sound Property Inspections can help you with that!


Follow regulations

When you are going through the home buying process, you must follow the local regulations. Safe and Sound Property Inspections can make sure that you get a property report Melbourne mortgage lenders will need to see, as well as inspecting the property to make sure that it adheres to regulations. Things like structural work, safe plumbing and electric are important things to consider.


Remember your budget

When you are looking for a home, you may be tempted to avoid the costs of getting a building inspection. Do you need our service? We think it is always a good idea to get a building inspection, even if you don’t need one to secure your mortgage. Your budget will only stretch so far, and if you haven’t seen something in the home when you have been looking around, when you actually move in, you could find yourself spending thousands to put unnoticed problems right. Can you really afford that? That’s why you need a home inspection!


Check out the local area

Of course, when you move into any area, you should make sure you know just what you’re letting yourself in for. Some homes in certain areas are prone to certain pests and infestations can happen quickly. If the house you are looking at has been on the market and unoccupied for a while, it could have pests lurking within. You should think about getting extra parts added to your inspection if this is something that is of a concern to you.


Stay safe

Above all when you are searching for a property, you should make sure that you will be safe when you do move in. What would happen if the roof fell in, or if there was a poorly ventilated gas blow off pipe? It could have disastrous effects for you and your family, so you should make sure that you know just what you should expect when you move in. It pays to be safe, so choose Safe and Sound Property Inspections to make sure that you will be safe and sound in your new home.