Top 10 reasons to get a property inspection

1. Find out about faults now!

If you get a property inspection from Safe and Sound Property Inspections, you can find out about problems with the property now, not later.


2. Lower your buying price if needed

If we do uncover any problems with any of our pre purchase property inspections Melbourne buyers have requested, we always include an estimation of the potential cost to fix the issues. You can choose to knock this off your buying price so that you won’t have to be out of pocket when you come to move in and do the work.


3. Keep your family safe from structural dangers

Of course, you want to keep your family safe, so choose one of our property inspections to protect your family against any structural damage. We’ll find these problems and let you know about them so they can be put right before you move in.


4. Keep your family safe from other problems

It’s not only structural issues that can pose a threat to your family. Substandard plumbing, electricity or even pests in the home can be dangerous to your family. Find these before you move in with a property inspection.


5. Secure the mortgage that you need

Many mortgage lenders need to see an inspection report before they will lend you the money you need. Our reports comply with mortgage lenders demands, so you’ll be able to use your report to secure that mortgage.


6. Save money later

Why wait until you move in to find out that you will need to pay thousands to put property issues right? You will find that our inspections price is a small amount to have to pay compared to the costs that you may find you cant afford to pay when you move into your new home.


7. Feel safe

Some people just need the security and knowledge that their new home will be safe. We’ll be able to put your mind at ease.


8. Get everything checked that you’re unsure of

Whilst our standard property inspections do tend to be the ones that many people choose to go for, we do have many other options that we can offer you. If you have looked at a property and have some concerns, we can check those for you and include them in your report.


9. Follow the procedures

Some people just like to do things by the book. Getting a house inspection is the normal thing to do when you have seen a house, just to make sure that it is a good investment for you.


10. Stop letting your heart rule your head

If you’ve seen a property that you like, it can be easy to get carried away with the character of the property. Without having someone who is unbiased, telling you what is actually wrong with the property and how much it could end up costing you, you could end up facing a nightmare in the near future.