Top 10 reasons to buy from Safe and Sound

1. We get great local reviews

Our customers return time and time again to Safe and sound property inspections, whether they’re looking for the best building inspection Melbourne can offer, or if they want a complex building inspection report to make sure they’re buying the best property.


2. Our customer service is outstanding

We strive to provide great customer service. We have a highly knowledgeable team that is on hand to answer your questions, and we even go as far as calling each of our customers after they receive their inspection report to make sure that they understand it fully.


3. We have competitive rates

We try to offer you a competitive price for your building inspection, whilst at the same time providing you with a professional and outstanding service that we know you expect.


4. We are thorough

At Safe and Sound Property Inspections, we want you to feel safe and sound in your property. We do all we can to make sure that we leave no stone unturned and we’ll inspect whatever you need us to inspect as thoroughly as possible.


5. You can relax knowing we’re insured

We want you to relax and believe in our reports. That’s why we have insurance to protect our customers just in case we miss something. Whilst it doesn’t happen often, we are only human, so we think it’s sensible to take precautions.


6. The best inspection reports

Our high quality reports feature colour photographs, a list of the major structural defects and maintenance issues and an estimation of the cost that you may incur if you have to put it all right. They’re easy to read and make sense.


7. It’s not just Melbourne properties

If you’re looking for a building inspection Greensborough properties may require, or indeed anywhere in Australia, get in touch with us. We may be based in Melbourne, but we can provide inspections in many other areas too.


8. A speedy yet reliable service

We know you’ll want to get things moving on the purchase of this property, so we’ll give you a professional level of service with a fast 24 hour turnaround for your inspection report after we’ve completed the inspection.


9. A great website

If you look at our website, you will find many useful information about our company and the services we provide. You can even use it to contact us!


10. Contact us any time

Using our email address, the contact form on our website, the phone or at our office in person, you can contact us at any time to ask us anything.