Tips in Texture Coating Your Home

There are significant benefits if you will have your home texture coated. First, a texture coated home can act like a shield from the weather elements like sun, heat, mildew and rain; hence, it will help extend the life of your home’s exterior. Second, a texture coated home will help to keep your external temperature lower making your electricity bill also lower. If you want a texture coated home and enjoy its benefits, you might want to undergo this texture coating process but it will take time. Nevertheless, here are some useful tips to texture coat your home.

Inspect the exterior of your home

Inspection is the first thing to do before you texture coat your home. This is an important process because you need to check for the damaged areas. A texture coat will be rendered useless if there are damages present in the exterior of your home. It won’t be able to protect an exposed or damaged area. After inspecting your home, dig a trench. The most advisable location of your trench is at your home’s exterior. It should be at least one foot away from your house. Its depth should be at least six inches.

Wash and repair

Before you start applying texture coat in your house, you must thoroughly wash it. You can make a water solution with a mild detergent. Remove everything like mold, loose paint, dirt and other contaminants of your home.
After washing, if you have found any damaged areas, repair it first. If your home is made out of wood, make sure that you also use wood when repairing it. This is necessary because if you alter the material used, the texture coat of your home might not be that pleasant looking.

Cover and spray

To avoid any damage, you can make use of huge drop cloths to protect the surrounding plants. Place some plastic sheets or old newspaper over your windows and door. Be sure that it is secured with tape so that it won’t fall off. Covering them will help prevent the windows and door from getting stains.

And now, you can start coating the primer material. You can use a power sprayer in applying the first coating. The primer material might be a little thick so you have to adjust your power sprayer to arrive at your desired outcome. You may want to make use of a piece of plywood in order to have a more even surface. Spray the primer material in a wide sweeping motion to produce an even surface. After spraying, let it dry for a few hours.

Apply the texture coating material

Once your primer material has already dried, apply your texture coating material. Adjust your power sprayer in order to get your desired outcome. Unlike when applying the primer material, use short and even strokes when applying the texture coating material. Make sure that you apply it evenly. Then let it dry for a few hours.

Remove all the plastic and newspaper covers from your plants, doors and windows after the texture coating material has completely dried.