Things You Need to Inspect after a Hail Storm

Hail Storm Damage
Hail storm is a type of thunderstorm that consists of solid lumps of ice. With this, it could cause serious damage in your home especially if the hail storm is too strong. Hail storms could damage your roof, your fence, your front and back yards, and etc. Most home owner insurances would ask someone to inspect the damage done by the hail storm to your home. But if you want to inspect your home first by yourself, then these are the things that you need to check after a hail storm.

Roof. First of all is the roof. The roof would mostly bear the damage of the hail storm since lumps of ice would fall directly on your roof. If the ice is as large as a golf ball, then most probably, your roof is battered or in shambles. Use a ladder to safely climb on top of your roof. Asses for damaged areas. If there are several dents or cracks, then your roof couldn’t be saved with only roof sealants. It has to be replaced.

Inspected Roof

Gutters. Check if your roof gutters have small dimples or dents. Strong hail storms could damage your roof gutters instantly. Most gutters are made of aluminum, and aluminum could be easily dent or flattened. If your gutters have dents then it could possibly impede the flow of drainage.

Chimney. The chimney consists of gas vents which are made out of soft aluminum. When hit by hail stones, the gas vent could be damaged. To reach the top of the chimney, get a ladder or contract someone to check it. If the gas vent is crushed by the hail stone, then it needs to be replaced.

Skylights. Skylights are like your roof windows in which the sky could be seen with a transparent covering of the roof. Skylights are usually made of glass with aluminum frames. Check for any cracks or broken glass. If severely damaged, it needs to be replaced since it is already predisposed to water leaks when it rains.

Windows. Your windows are also susceptible to being damaged by hail storms. Check for any broken glass. Check the window frames and window screens for any loose screws or leaks. If damaged, replace the broken glass and window frames. But if they are still reparable, fix it with the appropriate sealant.

Inspected Roof

Outdoor equipment. You should also check the damages outside your home. If you have any outdoor equipment such as gazebos, children’s playground or grills, check for any damage. Restrain from use until the outdoor equipment are all fixed to prevent any accident or danger.

HVAC units. See whether your heating and cooling units are still working. The hail storm could damage your outside HVAC units by causing dents or cracks along the unit which could impede air flow towards or outside your house.

These are the usual things you need to inspect if there’s a hail storm that hit your area. If you want to avoid all the hassle, you could call for a professional help.