Thank you for the report and your efforts in this matter.
I’ve found the report to be comprehensive and informative alike. The pictures were great also.

Lukas Eltham

Thank you Tom and Chris, the new home stage inspections you undertook over the past 8 months for us have been invaluable, and will recommend your company to all my friends and colleagues.

Yuli Caroline Springs

Excellent! I have read through it quickly and understand all the points raised. Appreciate the great service, will be sure to use you again in the future.


Great service for some peace of mind on our new home , money extremely well spent!

Donna and SamBlackburn

Thanks so much for inspecting the building and pest inspection. Your same-day report and professional suggestions are appreciated and I definitely will recommend you to my friends.

Carol Wonga Park

Thanks very much for checking out our property today, Chris!
I appreciate all your help and advice!

Debra Doncaster

Thank you very much for the clean bill of health. You will be referred by me to anyone I know who needs a building and pest Inspection done. Great Work Smiling Icon

Miranda Altona Meadows