Expert Termite Pest Inspection Services in Melbourne


Safe and Sound Property Inspections strongly recommends that every home and building observe regular termite inspections. You might not deem this necessary since your home looks all right. But are you really certain about that?

Perhaps it seems there’s nothing going on in your house. However, did you know that termites can sneak into your home without you noticing them? They can launch a silent attack and eat your home’s materials like timber, cardboard, and paper.

Termites can make your home appear normal, but in reality, your home is already crumbling inside. Termites are, by far, considered the most destructive pests in every Australian home.

How destructive can termites be?

According to the Australian Museum, the first zoological and anthropological Australian museum, there are about 258 described and 90 undescribed termite species in Australia, and the termite species that can bring the most havoc is the Coptotermes acinaciformes.

Compared to other species which are only found in certain parts of Australia, the Coptotermes acinaciformes species are seen almost everywhere. They can be found in any wooden structure—be it tree stumps, living trees, furniture, city buildings, walls—as well as soil.

Termites can sneak inside your residential or commercial area, quietly eating any available timber. Termite damage repairs can hurt your pockets and can cost you approximately $8,000.

However, being proactive has its merits. By availing our affordable termite inspections in Melbourne, you can prevent termite damage and avoid the even more expensive termite treatment. Our timber pest inspections only cost $275. Check out our pricing page for more information.


How can we help you with our termite pest inspection?

Our company specialises in property inspection, and among our range of services is termite inspection in Melbourne. Before termites completely invade your home, our thorough termite pest survey can alert you in the soonest time possible regarding the appropriate measures and solutions to save your home from these pesky white ants.

Professional assessment. Our termite inspections are only done by professionals. We are an accredited member of the Housing Industry of Australia. As such, our termite inspectors are all trained to spot any form of defects and infestations inside your property. Once done, they will make an appropriate diagnosis and recommend termite shields to ensure that your property is protected from further damage.

Indoor inspection. Our inspection for termites in Melbourne includes a thorough checking of your indoors. We assess your ceilings, internal walls, floors, ventilation, stairs, kitchen, bathroom cabinets, bath seals, shower, and laundry area for probable infestation.

Outdoor inspection. We don’t only inspect the interior of your home; we also check your outdoor areas as termites build a nest as long as there is wood and soil. We carefully examine your roofs and gutters, external walls, decks and balconies, patios, gates and fences, skylights, surface drainages, as well as your driveway.

Insured services. Our services are all insured for the welfare of our clients. We’re confident that we can provide accurate reports, diagnosis, and recommendations for the safety of your home against termites.

Other services. On top of termite inspection, we also offer other types of property inspection services. These include general pest inspection, asbestos inspection, information over general costs, home inspection, pre-purchase building inspection, and many more. For more details, please visit our services page.


To find out what our previous clients say about us, feel free to go through our testimonial page. For several years, we have been making clients fully satisfied with our best priced and quality inspections in Melbourne.

Don’t let the termites destroy your property. If you need help, call us now at 1300-553-220 and stop the advancement of termite damage with our termite inspections in Melbourne. Alternatively, you can visit our website’s contact page and fill out the form.