Safe and Sound offering services in rural and metro Melbourne

In the city or out in the middle of nowhere

We know that Australia is a vast country with some families living in the busy cities and metro centres, whilst others opt for a quiet life out in the outback. Here at Safe and Sound Property Inspections, we make sure that we can cater for any home’s inspection needs, so whether you are thinking of buying a farm in a rural area, or a town house in a busy city centre, we’re happy to come and inspect the property for you. We can offer some of the best home inspections Melbourne buyers can expect and you wont be disappointed with our services!

A great service at competitive prices

Call us for a quote today if you require a property inspection. If you are buying more than one property, you can even get a multiple buildings inspection quote too. You could take advantage of this kind of quote if you are buying a recreational property as well as a residential property for your family, or if you are buying properties for you business. Our competitive pricing often makes our competitors quite worried because they know we only employ the very best property inspectors and offer speedy reports too. Our customer service is second to none either. We offer many ways in which you can contact us and that’s not all. When you get your inspection report – 24 hours after we complete our inspection – we will give you a courtesy call to make sure that you completely understand the report. Our main and only priority is to make sure that you, the client, is happy with the service that we have provided. There’s no incentive for us to give you a biased report. You know you’ll be getting the very best service when you choose Safe and Sound Property Inspections!