How Safe and Sound guarantees top quality

We only use the best inspectors

You may have heard of Safe and Sound Property Inspections before, and you may have even heard that we can offer you the best quality building pest inspection Melbourne has to offer. Just how do we offer you this though? We only use the best building inspectors. All the inspectors that work for us are knowledgeable and experienced. They have carried out inspections all over Australia, and they know just what to look out for when they’re inspecting properties. With a good knowledge of many areas across Australia, they are able to offer you a great inspection with a 24-hour turnaround time on your inspection report regardless of where the property is.


We can offer you reassurance about our quality

If you are looking for a top building inspection company, you should contact us to find out just what we can offer you. You will be able to get a reliable standard building inspection if that is what you require, but if you do have any further concerns, you can choose to add some extras onto your inspection such as pest inspections and more complex home inspections. All of our inspections are covered by our insurance, so if we do miss anything when we are doing our inspections – and that doesn’t happen often! – you will be able to relax knowing that the inspection report we supply you with is fully insured by us. We’re only human, and mistakes can happen sometimes. Another way that we can offer you reassurance and that top quality service that you expect is by ensuring that you get excellent customer service. We try to be as helpful as possible during the whole process, and this includes giving you a courtesy call once you get your inspection report. We only see our job as being completed when we are sure that you are satisfied with your inspection report and understand it fully.