Safe and Sound focus on quality, not quantity

Why our competitors are doing it wrong

Most of the other building inspection companies that offer pre purchase inspections Melbourne clients need are providing a substandard service. Unlike Safe and Sound Property Inspections, all they care about is getting as many customers as they can as quickly as possible. If you did choose one of those other companies, you’d find that their quotes were unreasonable, their inspectors not very experienced or knowledgeable, and you’d get shoddy customer service and feel like you were on a conveyor belt. Safe and Sound would rather ensure that all our customers are happy with the service that we offer. We want you to recommend us to your friends, and even come back again if you need another inspection in the future. How do we do this? We make sure that we focus on you, our valued customers!


Why we’re doing it right!

Yes, we are a business, and yes, we appreciate YOUR business, but we care about you and treat you as a valued customer. We’ll take time to answer any questions you have and explain the whole inspection process fully. Whether you need a pest inspection in Melbourne or if you’re a buyer that needs home inspections Doncaster mortgage lenders have requested, we can make sure that you’re getting the service that you need and expect. Our experienced inspectors will take care to inspect the property fully and once they’re done, they’ll focus on completing your inspection report within 24 hours. This isn’t because we’re rushing you through our system. We know you’ll be eager to get your hands on the report to find out what we found. To set your mind at ease, we’ll give you a call when you get your inspection report, just to make sure that you do indeed understand it all. We hope you’re happy with our service, and if you have any suggestions for us to improve our service, we welcome all feedback and take comments on board. It’s unlikely that our competitors will do that!