Reports can be read by inexperienced buyers or experienced

Just how do we do our reports?

the first thing we do when you ask us for a report is talk to you about what you want. We find out why you are asking for an error and work out just what kind of service you will require. Next, we come up with a quote to fit the kind of Melbourne property inspections that you have requested. Once you’re happy with the price that we have quoted you, we’ll come to the property and carry out our inspection. Our standard inspections involve visually checking the property both inside and out for any structural dangers such as cracks in the brickwork, or rotting wood. We’ll also check things like the drains, plumbing and electrics visually for any signs of danger. If you’ve asked us to inspect anything else, we’ll look at that too. Once we’re happy that we have everything we need, we’ll head back to the office and start putting together your report. Within 24 hours it will be with you and you’ll be able to start making your final decisions about the property.


how anyone can read our reports

Wether you have had a property inspection report or not, you’ll be able to read the rest that we provide you with. We’ll include high quality colour photos to back up all of our findings so that you can see just what we mean. Wether you’ve requested pre purchase inspections Templestowe properties may need or a more complex Box Hill property inspection, you’ll get a full breakdown of all the issues that we’ve found along with a cost section with estimations of what it could cost to put all the problems right again. If you’re still confused, don’t worry! We’ll call you after you get your report to see if there’s anything that needs to be clarified.