How to do a quick spot check of a house yourself

Check for yourself before you call us

Before you call in the experts, it’s always a good idea to do a quick building inspection for yourself. It’s quite easy even for the untrained eyes to spot some problems. Whilst you may not be able to carry out a pest inspection Melbourne properties may need, you should be able to get a good idea of whether or not to proceed with a professional building inspection. If you notice cracks in the walls, blocked drains or mould issues that can be a sign that you should not waste any more time on this property and move onto something else, unless obviously, the price of the property is extremely low. We don’t want you to waste money or time, so we always recommend that you do a quick spot check on the house yourself before you come to us.


What to look out for when you’re doing your own spot check

There’s some things that you can check for when you go to view your home. Before you contact Safe and Sound to book your appointment with the best building inspectors Burwood has to offer, pay a visit, or a second visit to the property that you’re considering. Visually check outside for any structural defects. We find that often home owners try to hide these tell tale cracks with plants that climb up walls and if you can see climbing plants on the property, see if you can spot any cracks where the plants have tried to get in. Some of the cracks caused in this way can lead to more problems. When you are inside the property, look at the inside walls. Can you spot any cracks internally or bulging in the walls? Sometimes, properties can have mould problems too. This isn’t too much of a problem to solve but it would be something that your building inspector would need to look into.