Get Unmatched Property Inspection Services in Melbourne!


When it comes to property inspection in Melbourne, no one does it better than Safe and Sound Property Inspection. We are a team of fully registered property inspectors who are highly skilled and well experienced in carrying out a comprehensive property check that is compliant with Australian standards. Nothing slips past our team because we have a keen eye for details!

Why is a Property Inspection Important?

  • A house is a huge investment. – No matter how big or small, a house does not only entail a lot of money, but effort, time and careful decision-making as well. Therefore, before you close out the deal and make that purchase, you certainly want to ensure that you have made the right choice. This being the case, a property inspection is crucial because it can save you thousands from unnecessary damage and repair costs.
  • Looks can be deceiving. – When searching for a house, what you see may not actually be what you get. This can be just a façade of a structure far from what you desire. The dream house you’ve been searching for can eventually turn into a nightmare if no professional inspection is done
  • It is a critical process. – At Safe and Sound Property Inspection, we perform an all-encompassing examination regarding the property’s condition where over 250 items will be checked in your building inspections written report. This is a very critical property management process that should be done before one purchase a property, yet a lot of buyers (even sellers) fail to accomplish it. Do not make the same mistake!

Types of Property Inspections that We Provide

  • Pre-Purchase Building Inspection – This is the first and most important. Our team will conduct a careful structural inspection (including roofs, ceilings, floors, stairs, etc.), plumbing inspection, electric system and insulation, built-in furniture, heating ventilation and air conditioning inspection, and many more! We also give your balconies, patios, fences, gates, garage doors and other external structures a good scrutiny to make sure that these are in top condition.
  • Termite/Wood Destroying Organism Inspection – This is one of the types of Melbourne property inspections where an examination for structural damage due to wood boring insects is performed. This is also a very critical inspection since termites and other wood destroying organisms can be very dangerous not only to the property but also to your health.
  • Asbestos Inspection – Asbestos is another health danger that our expert team checks. Our fully accredited inspectors will make sure that your future home is free from this harmful building material so that you can make a purchase decision without worries.
  • Pest Inspection – Pests can destroy your home and your overall well-being. It is important to check your properties to assure you that they’re not infested and avoid unnecessary repair and medical expenses.

Why Choose Safe and Sound Property Inspection?

  • Certified and accredited inspectors – We have a crew of certified property inspectors to conduct a thorough inspection of the condition of the house. Through our processes, you will have a better understanding of what exactly you are about to buy.
  • BOHS W504 qualified – We are qualified for the W504 Asbestos and Other Fibres, a module administered by the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) that tackles occupational hygiene practices in relation to fibrous dusts, concentrating on asbestos and others such as machine-made mineral fibres. Having successfully completed the module has given us the understanding of the health risks associated with asbestos and other dangerous fibres, subsequently enabling us to provide proper evaluation and control procedures.
  • Affordable prices and packages– We make sure that our services are affordable. We understand your need of protecting your family and shelter while having to budget your resources. Our low building inspection cost will help you achieve this. You can check out our prices here.
  • Customer-centred – We take care of our customers by making sure that you get what you paid for our services. Through the years, we have built positive relationships with our satisfied customers. View some of our client testimonials here.