A pre-purchase property inspection is a visible inspection by a qualified expert, who will then render a drafted report outlining any notable building defects that have been identified. Examples of building deficits could be disintegrating beams, eroding roofs, worn wiring, splitting walls, growing damp… the list goes on!

The building inspection value is far exceeded by the benefit of knowing you eluded buying a dodgy home. Although it requires to be noted that no second-hand house will ever get a perfectly clean slate building inspection report. Our new home building inspections team will ensure that your dream home is completely safe and secure.

What’s more, a Pre- purchase home inspection report can be a beneficial transaction spearhead. You might be able to settle the sale price down or at least have specific defects fixed before you purchase.

Whether you’re a first property buyer or buying an investment property, you’ll need to be certain you know the exact state of the property which can be well evauated by new home building inspection.

Specializing in pre-purchase home and building inspections across Melbourne, you can rely on Safe and Sound Pre Purchase Property Inspections Melbourne for extensive reports about the condition of the property for that serenity.

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Hire an experienced building inspector for new homes

A home inspection is simply an evaluation of the home. This inspection is managed by an equipped and trained home inspector. Seventy-two per cent of Americans considered that their home inspection before the purchase of their house served them sidestep possible issues with their home, according to a study by the ASHI.

If this is your first time doing a Pre- purchase home inspection, then we highly recommend you choose a combined building and pest inspection as all areas of Melbourne are susceptible to pest problems including termites and borers that can seriously damage your property. New home and building inspections can always be daunting, but we’re here to make it easier.

Why are Pre- purchase home inspections necessary?

Buying a home is a very important decision. So you need to make sure that you are choosing to purchase a property that has been inspected from top to bottom. Which is why you need to have Safe and Sound building inspector for new homes check your home thoroughly and professionally inspected, and put your mind at ease.

Prepare yourself with our comprehensive report

Our reports give you top notch details on the details of the home you want inspected. We include pictures to make sure that you have visual aides to help identify the problems with your home.

Ensure the Property is Safe 

A pre-purchase property inspection  enables us to find electrical faults which cause house fires and plumbing faults which cause moisture problems and structural problems. Water leakage is a major hassle and is often difficult and expensive to fix so the source needs to be identified. Roofing and accessible guttering can be visually inspected by Safe and Sound Inspectors however blocked drainage can back up and create major leakages even though those drains are not actually part of the building. This is why it is extremely important to have overflowing gutters and leaks checked for the root cause which is often underground leading to stormwater or sewerage mains. Tree roots are a major cause of destroying drainage and they are impossible to be identified during our inspection of the property as it is outside of the scope of a property inspection.  A qualified plumbing with camera viewing equipment is needed for blocked underground drains.  

The pre-purchase home inspection you need!

Typically home inspectors inspect for indications of damage and defects. They’ll usually suggest buyers to a professional to examine further and fully diagnose the predicament when and if they spot something notable, or something that extends outside their extent of expertise.

A building property inspector might see a sign of wood damage and recommend that you call in a pest expert to find out what produced it. These professionals can present you with several repair options and give you a thought of what the cost might be to remedy the situation.

What comes with a Pre-Purchase Property Inspection?

A Safe and Sound home or building property Inspection report Includes a detailed 40 + page analysis of your future property with 250 items covered including visual aids. As one of Melbourne’s foremost building and pest inspection providers, all of our building inspectors are listed, assuring that you obtain on-the-spot feedback with an expert and competent professional builder.

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Why it is Important to Use the Latest Property Inspection Software?

Safe and Sound building inspectors for new homes use the latest mobile property inspection software to ensure all areas of your property are covered and that you have a thorough report delivered to you quickly based on the latest building codes and regulations. Our pre-purchase building inspection ensures everything is covered. When using the latest inspection software, we remain up to date as a business and also in bringing the most relevant information to our customers. At the end of the day, we’re all about making sure you have the best service from our end.

For any enquiries that you might have about setting up a house inspection for a home that you might be interested in or selling, you can give us a call at 0498 704 255