New building inspections compared to old inspections

Times have changed

Of course, as new things are discovered and more regulations are put in place, everything to do with buying a home changes from time to time. If you have had a building inspection done a long time ago, you may find that the way that building inspections are carried out has indeed changed since then. New inspections often have to conform to certain standards, and have to satisfy banks too. This hasn’t always been the case, but with rising house prices and more and more money being required by buyers, the mortgage lenders need extra assurance that the money that they lend will go to a home that is worth the price it is being bought at. Safe and Sound Property Inspections will be able to carry out the right pest and building inspections Melbourne mortgage lenders require and having an inspection done will also put your mind at ease too. Houses are expensive, so you have to make sure that it is a good move to make.


Tailored inspections to each area

Whereas old property inspections used to be quite simple and straightforward, often things would be missed off the final report, meaning that buyers would have some nasty surprises when they moved into the property. We can provide local inspections that are tailored to the area, and our Ringwood building inspections are vastly different than the inspections we may carry out in Ivanhoe. We will assess the home with knowledge of the area, which usually means that we will pay more attention to the structure, or the plumbing, or the drainage of the property, depending on where the property is located. Another thing that may have changed since you last had a property inspection is the fact that the inspection company can now have insurance. We do because although we provide a professional service, we are only human, so sometimes we can miss things. You can relax knowing that our inspection reports are all insured just in case something is discovered at a later stage.