Need a quote for multiple units or buildings?

Buying more than one home for your family?

Whilst most of the time, people will only buy one home for their family, we know that sometimes, a family will look for two or even more homes. If you have been lucky enough to secure money for two homes, or if your previous home sold for much more than you thought it would, maybe now’s the time to buy a home near your workplace and a holiday home in another part of the country. If you are a family that is making this popular dream come true, then let us know. We can provide a quote for multiple home inspections, and you may find that by buying two inspections together, we can offer you the lowest price on your pre purchase inspection Melbourne inspection companies may be able to offer you.


Low quotes for your multiple offices

If you’re starting a business, or buying more buildings because you’re expanding, then let us know so we can give you a competitive quote on your building inspections. We know that it makes sense to save money anywhere you can when you’re running a business, so our quotes for multiple buildings will be quite attractive for you. Whether you have offices in Melbourne, or if you’re looking for pre purchase property inspections Burwood buildings need, we will be able to provide you with the perfect solution. We’ll make sure that you get a report on our findings within 24 hours of us completing the building inspections. A building inspection on a property that will be used for business will ensure that you can plan any repair work before the purchase is finalised, saving you valuable start up time when you start moving in. All the corporate customers that we’ve had have been impressed with our services and have either come back to us again or referred other clients to us.