Experienced Melbourne Building Inspections

The team from Safe and Sound Property inspections have performed over 6000 building inspections in the Melbourne.

Comprehensive 50 page building inspection report

Safe and Sound will provide you with a comprehensive 50 page building inspection report (including pictures). Safe and Sound also provide unlimited phone support after the inspection and you are free to call and ask any questions or advice.

Fast Building Inspection reports

We always complete our building inspection reports within 24 hours and in most cases we can perform urgent same day inspections if you have found an auction property you’d like to bid on for example.

Advice that will help you negotiate a better sale price

The operators from safe and Sound have over 40 years experience in renovating and building so they can provide you advice and information that will allow you to negotiate a better purchase price on your new property because they can explain the amount and cost of work that needs to be done. with

  • Pre-purchase Property Report.

    First in the line of Pre-purchase inspection services, we at Safe and Sound Property Inspections can check your property for you with their Pre-purchase Property Report option. This service comes with a 50-page comprehensive report detailing all 220 items you need to learn before you actually buy the property. Also included in the report are photos of the inspection and all reported areas.

  • Pre-purchase Sale.

    Here at Safe and Sound, we not only check the property you are planning to buy—we also do inspections for houses or buildings you want to sell especially when you need to decide whether to perform repair work or let the new buyer take care of that work . We understand that your need to attach a fair price tag to the property you are putting in the market. We can help you make a proper assessment that will let you know the real status of your property and if there are existing defects. That way, it will be easier for you to figure out how much the property is really worth.

  • Wide Selection of Melbourne building inspection Services.

    Pre-purchase property inspections are not the only thing that Safe and Sound specializes in. Included in our range of professional services are pest inspections, asbestos testing and identification, and termite inspection. In fact, we are one of the most recommended building inspectors Melbourne has residents and buyers have tried. Should you need more than just a pre-purchase checkup, you can count on us to provide you satisfactory related services for a fair price.