Make sure you buy an asset NOT a liability of repairs

Now’s not the time to save money!

You may think that buying a property now is enough of an expense without having to pay extra for a property inspection. Wrong idea. The truth is that a building inspection should be right at the top of your list of priorities. Whilst it will cost you a little extra on top of the fees you have to pay before your property purchase is finalised, getting a property inspection is something that you should not dismiss. Here at Safe and Sound Property Inspections, we have carried out many a property inspection Melbourne buyers have arranged and found that the property that they were going to purchase would have cost thousands of dollars to get into a safe condition to live in. The buyers in this position have sometimes decided to keep looking for a different property rather than spend that kind of money on a property that would be unsafe to live in otherwise. Why spend all that money later when you could find out about it now?


it’s not only structure that’s the problem

whilst it is often just a case of some structural damages or substandard plumbing or electrical installations, we have carried out additional services such as termite inspections Greensborough clients have asked for and found that they have infestations of some kinds of pests. When this happens, it’s not only the house you have to put right, but you also need to exterminate the pests which can be costly and sometimes does not deal with the problem completely. Before that happens, you should get an inspection and find out before you move into the property! Call us today to find out about the services that we have to offer. You may be pleasantly surprised at our prices!