Looking for a 24 hour building inspection report?

Get things moving!

We know how it is. You’re just having a look at houses, wondering if it’s a good idea or not, then suddenly you see the home of your dreams. You rush to the bank to see if they can lend you the money and they give you a decision in principal – but there’s a catch! You have to get a building inspection report to prove that the house will be a good investment for you. Your realtor has already told you that you’d better move fast before other buyers start putting in their offer – you need that building inspection report, and quickly! Safe and Sound Property Inspections have been performing building inspections in Melbourne for years and we are able to give you a quote and arrange an inspection in just a short amount of time. To make sure that you can get the report to your bank as soon as possible, we provide all of our building inspection reports within 24 hours of the inspection. You can really get the ball rolling with your new home if you choose us for your home inspection report.


You don’t have to live in Melbourne to use our services

You may think that just because we’re based in Melbourne, we will only serve the Melbourne area, but the truth is that we’re happy to consider building inspections all around Australia. We have performed Box Hill, Ivanhoe and Doncaster property inspections to name but a few, and we will still be able to provide you with those fast 24 hour reports too. We’ll make sure that you understand the report, and more importantly, you will find that the report is extensive enough to include all the points that your mortgage lender will need to be convinced that your new home will be a good investment for you.