Key items to look for in a house inspection report

Know the risks!

With a building inspection report from Safe and Sound Property Inspections, you can expect a high quality report that will help you assess the condition of the property that you are thinking about buying. Whilst you may have fallen in love with the aesthetics of the property, the last thing that you need is to find out about expensive work that needs to be done after you have moved in. Whenever we provide a report for building inspections Melbourne buyers have asked for, we include a list of major structural issues and maintenance work or repairs that will be required to get the property into a safe and liveable state. It is important that you know these risks before you agree to buy the property and make the exchange. To make things a little easier for you, we provide estimations for the work that we think will need to be done so that you can assess your finances and make sure that you know just what you can be expected to pay when you move into the property.


We try to make things simple!

Whether we have performed pest inspections in Box Hill or building inspections Ivanhoe buyers need, all our reports follow the same professional format. With all of our reports, you will see excellent high quality colour photos so that you can see defects and damages at a glance. We think this is much better than trying to explain with words only about the kind of problems that you should expect. We hope that all the information that we include in our reports is straightforward enough to understand, but we deal with these reports all the time and we know that as a customer you don’t. That’s why we contact you after you have received your report, just to check that you do understand all the details in it. We aim to provide a service that makes you feel safe and sound, and we feel that our customer service skills help us to do just that.