Just a timber report? OR a FULL building inspection?

Choose a standard full inspection

Here at Safe and sound property Inspections, we have many pre purchase property inspections Melbourne homes usually require. We wouldn’t recommend that you choose a timber report with no additional extras. Often timber is the least of your worries, with other issues that can cause problems going unnoticed with a timber only inspection.


Peace of mind with a full inspection

Our standard inspections are quite extensive, as we check the exterior of the house, including things like drainage from the home’s waste system. We will also check for any structural damage that we can see from the outside of the building. Once we’ve done that, we check the inside of the property. In here, we’ll let you know if we see any bare electrical wires, any hazards that may need repairing. We’ll note any load bearing walls that have been compromised or joists that we can see may need to be replaced. We’ll also look at the roof to see if there are any repairs. If you would like, we can do a more extensive inspection still, by including things like pest inspections when we do the building inspection. Whatever your choice of inspections price should not be something that concerns you. We try to keep our prices competitive for the service that we offer, and we strongly believe that if you get a good inspection, it can save you thousands. If you get a good full building inspection from us, you will find out about expensive repairs that you may need to have done to the property before you buy it. We think that’s much better than moving into a property and then finding that it needs lots of work doing on it, which could take up time that you don’t have and money that you can’t secure. That’s why we think a full property inspection from Safe and Sound Property Inspections is a great choice.