Inspect for Bed Bugs: Your Bedroom’s Number One Enemies

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When you are inspecting your home, you should look at every nook and corner of your house including your bedroom. You might not know that your bed is already infested with bed bugs. You thought that your itchy red marks on your body are caused by those pesky mosquitoes, but actually, they’re caused by the bites of bed bugs.

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are tiny wingless insects that feed on human’s blood or other warm-blooded animals. They have been existing as pests for several million years. Originally, bed bugs inhabit nests of birds or bats. And most of the bed bugs have learned to build their nest inside a human’s home, specifically in bed mattresses, sofas, carpets and other soft materials inside our home.

Though bed bugs are small, they are still visible to the naked eye. Their body is made up of a burnt orange or brown color with a dark blob. They are flat insects that love to seek shelter in cracks and crevices.

Bed Bugs Infecting Mattress
How to know if there are bed bugs in your home?

There are bed bugs in your home if you wake up with several bites on your body. Though it might be mosquitoes, it could also be bed bugs. Nevertheless, just to be sure, examine your bedroom for bed bug activity. Bed bugs like to hide in the creases of your bed linen, mattresses and box springs. Look for bed bug eggs. Their eggs look like poppy seeds which are tiny and pale in color.

If you have nearby furniture in your bedroom, also inspect them for bed bug activity. This may be your desk, laundry basket, dresser and drawers. If there are somewhat brown spots on your beddings, they may be bed bug droppings.

How to remove bed bugs?

There’s no need to throw your beddings away. To remove bed bugs inside your bedroom, thoroughly clean your bedroom and vacuum your bed mattress. Wash your beddings with soap and hot water to kill the bed bugs. Get a clean bed sheet and pillow cases to replace your bed bug infested bed linens. It is not safe to move around your bed bug infested linens because it can spread to other rooms, only making the condition worse.

As for your bed frames and head boards, you should apply a treatment to kill the eggs and nymphs. Usually, you need to call a professional for a better pest cleaning. They will apply insecticide sprays and do a thorough dusting.

Severe Bed Bug Bites
What to do if you’re bitten?

Within one or two weeks, your bed bug bites can be resolved by applying a topical cream to relieve the itchy feeling. Don’t ever scratch it as it might lead to infection. Drink an oral antibiotic if there is already an infection. Use antihistamines for possible allergic reactions. And if it’s not getting any better, consult your doctor.

Having a home inspection is important so that you will know if there are any forms of infestation inside your house like bed bugs. Do a regular home inspection so that you will spot any problems sooner.