What are the most important items in our report?

Our findings

We believe that we’re the company that can provide you with the best building inspector Melbourne can offer you. We meticulously inspect each building to the requirements of our clients, and then within 24 hours of completing the inspection, we provide a clear and detailed report. There are some important things to look out for in your building inspection report that will be key to deciding whether or not to continue with the purchase of the property. You should look for the section about our findings. Here we will outline all the structural defects and issues with the home. We check the property inside and out for these, and things like plants creeping into the brickwork, cracks and rotting wood will all be highlighted here. We’ll also let you know essential maintenance work that needs doing too. Some homes are built on unstable land so these can require pinning to stop movement whilst other properties simply settled during the years after they were built which is less of a concern. We’ll also include visible issues with drainage, dangerous electrical cables that are visible and any visible issues with plumbing.


What will it all cost to put right?

if we’ve carried out an office inspection in box hill or a building and pest inspection Eltham residents have requested, we will always include a costing section. Here, we will include a rough estimation of the possible repair costs you can expect to pay. We think this is paramount to your buying decision because some high asking prices on properties will mean that the repair costs will simply not be worth buying the property. Whilst you may not want to know that your property could face thousands of dollars worth of repair costs when you move in, it would be far worse if you were to find that out after you start to move!