Honest Independent House Inspections in Melbourne


We offer independent, thorough house inspections in Melbourne.  We offer reliable service and we make sure you completely understand the condtion of the home you are considering purchasing

How do we keep you safe with our house inspection service?

We are trusted by families and commercial area owners because we provide honest and no biased work:

    • We make sure that our team only consists of the skilled Melbourne building inspectors. Our home surveillance inspectors are also licensed professionals who have the authority to carry out a home inspection. Our company is also a member of the Housing Industry of Australia, so rest assured that we are operating based on industry standards.
    • Inspecting every nook and cranny of your home. Nothing slips by our house inspectors in Melbourne. With our experience and helped by the right tools, we guarantee that we’ll identify any issues affecting your house.
    • Fully Insured – We are insured to make sure that we can always come to your aid in the unlikely event that an incident occur.

Our range of house inspection services

In a single home surveillance in Melbourne, there are more than 250 items that we check in your place. Among the most common areas that we have on our inspection checklist are the following:

Indoor Area Outdoor Area Interior walls External walls Floors Gates and Fences Ceiling Drainage Stairs Stairways Ventilation Garage and Skylights Doors Retaining walls Windows Pergolas Laundry Decks and Balconies Kitchen Roof and Gutters Bathroom or Lavatory Sub-floors
Roof space Patios and Courtyards Shower, Sinks, Taps and Plumbing Fixtures Paths and DrivewaysThese areas are usually checked for construction and building integrity, presence of moulds, cracks, asbestos, leaks, pests, and other issues affecting your home. For additional information, you may check the following pages:

    • Pest inspection – Know what kinds of pests are lurking inside your home. Our general pest inspection service will help you determine the best measures to take to get rid of those pesky pests.
    • Termite inspection – Since termites are one of the most destructive and sneaky pests in Australia, we have dedicated a specific inspection service for this to save your home from crumbling.
    • Asbestos inspection – Asbestos, when inhaled, is very dangerous to your health. Avoid spending expensive medical bills by availing this service.
    • Pre-purchase building inspection – Before you buy your dream home, have it inspected. It may turn out not to be your ‘dream home’ after all, if it’s full of hidden defects.
    • Cost estimation service – Know how much you’ll prepare for repair and maintenance costs with our reliable cost estimation service.

On top of these range of services, we will also give you a comprehensive report along with detailed colour photographs. Based on the report, we’ll guide you on how to apply the right plans and solutions to remedy your house issues.

Call us today at 1300-553-220 for a free quote, or visit our website’s contact page for your queries. Save your biggest investment from deteriorating with our best house inspection in Melbourne.

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