Is Your Home’s Fence Doing Its Job?

New Home FenceAlmost every home has a fence installed. You could see different types of fences stretching up in every property. Some of the most common types of fences installed are aluminum, wood, PVC, wrought iron, vinyl, chain link, electric and bamboo.

With a fence installed, it could serve its number one function which is privacy. Family homes, even restaurants, shopping centres, malls, schools, apartments, condominiums, and other types of real property greatly benefit from an erected fence. But is your fence doing its purpose? If you’re quite in doubt, you could avail of some of the best building inspections, Melbourne based services.

Functions of fences

Fences have a variety of functions, not only privacy. With a building inspection, you could be assured whether your fence is doing the following functions or not:

Keep away unwanted guests.

You wouldn’t like anyone to be stepping inside your property. Since it’s your property, you definitely have the right not to let anyone step within your property’s boundaries without your permission. But it won’t be possible to keep away unwanted guests if you don’t clearly set your boundaries. One way to clearly tell other people to back off is through building a fence. This way, you wouldn’t see anyone loitering around within your property.

Keep small children and pets safe.

If you have small children at home, and at the same time, pets, installing a fence is necessary. Why? Small children and pets like to run around. They could be gone when you take your eyes off at them even for a moment. But confining them indoors won’t be healthy for them. Keep your children off of the streets and avoid unnecessary accidents with a fence. Let your pets experience the pleasure of outdoors by installing a fence.

Prevent burglars from breaking in.

Make it harder for burglars to break in your property. With a high and sturdy fence, you could make every burglar have second thoughts of invading your home. If you have so much to protect, it’s important for you to increase the security of your home. You’ll never know what a burglar might do to you and your family.

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Increase the value of your home.

If you have plans of selling your home in the near future, having a fence installed would increase your home’s value. You could sell it at a higher price and you’ll be guaranteed that most homebuyers would prefer purchasing your home over a house that doesn’t have a fence. Homes with installed fences are more marketable because homeowners desire a house with high security.

Provides an aesthetically pleasing design.

Various types of fences have their own charm. From aluminum to bamboo types of fences, it could surely make the exterior of your home more appealing. Fences need not wear the same dull and boring look. In fact, you could customize it with the cooperation of professional fence installers. Aluminum, PVC, and vinyl fences create a contemporary look, while wooden and bamboo fences exude a natural feel. It’s actually up to you on what type of fence you need to build. In any way around, every passerby would envy you for living in a home like that.

If you have already had your fence built, you may call for a building inspection to make sure that your fence meets pool code regulations.

Potential drawbacks

Though installing a fence has numerous advantages, it has a few drawbacks. First of all, installing a fence would cost you money. Do you have enough money to pay for the fence materials, as well as its labour costs? Perhaps you would be opting for a cheaper fence with low quality materials to save money; however, low-grade fences don’t last.

Another drawback is that fences require periodic maintenance such as cleaning, painting, pressure washing, etc. If you have an exceptionally large property, you may require have to hire the help of professionals. You could not possibly do it alone. Again, fence maintenance and repairs would cost you money in order for you to avoid potential home hazards outdoors.

And lastly, among the issues of installing a fence is traffic limitation. At times, you would feel that your fence is eating up all of the space of your property. There would be no enough room for walking, or no enough space for your automobile. Sometimes, you would wish that you should have never built a fence.

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Even if installing a fence to your home has a few drawbacks, it is still best to invest a fence if you want to provide safety and security to your family. Whether you have a brand new home or not, calling for the help of building inspection professionals may be of great help to measure the safety and security of your home to your family.