Home Inspection: Things You Should Paint Instead of Having Them Replaced

There would come a time when your house would get a little old – the furniture, the roof, the floor and everything that makes up your home. And if you are planning to sell your home, there’s a cheaper way on how to increase its value.

The first step to do is have your home inspected before you take any actions. This way, you’ll know what things are needed to be fixed right away. In most cases, home inspectors would suggest that you have to do a repainting job so the ever highly expensive replacement costs would be debunked. Here are some painting ideas that would keep your wallet safe.

Damaged Versus Repaired Roof
The roof

If there are any leaks in your roof, it doesn’t mean that you need to replace it. A sticky sealant and roof guard paint would help your roof attain its former glory.

Clean your roof first. Remove or sweep some debris or leaves that have stuck on your roof. Don’t forget the roof gutters, too. Then find the areas where you think there are holes or cracks. Apply the sealant generously.

After the application of a sealant, paint your roof with roof guard paint. This would not only make the appearance of your roof better, but it would also protect your roof from early rusting.

Painting and Cabinet Repairs
Kitchen drawers and cabinets

You think they’re already ugly and filled with grease and grime – but they actually are. But your kitchen drawers and cabinets are still within the bounds of salvation through the use of a spray paint.

Before you put some paint on, clean the drawers and cabinets first. Wipe the oil and grease that have stuck. Use a fine grain sandpaper to smoothen the surface. Then you are ready to paint. Remember to spread some old newspapers to avoid painting unnecessary objects.

Wooden floors

If waxing wooden floors does not do any better, then you have to do a painting job. Painting your wooden floors would protect them from further rotting. Also, you could add a personal touch to your wooden floors.

Sweep the floor first to remove foreign materials like dust. Then do your mopping. Rough the surface of your floor so that the paint would stick better. To further protect your newly painted wooden floor, place some mats and carpets.

Repairing Fireplace

A fireplace is often made of brick. Bricks absorb paint more than other types of materials so you would be buying more paint. Here are some painting tips. Paint your fireplace that matches the theme of your room. If not, you may have to reinvent your whole room. You could go with the classic red brick fireplace color, or you could imitate the natural color of bricks. Clean the whole fireplace first before you do your paint job. And don’t paint the firebox itself.

A painting job is better instead of a total replacement. However, you have to avoid reaching the point where your things are beyond salvation. Even the home inspectors would call for a total replacement to increase the value of your home.