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Home Inspection: Specialized Inspection For A Special House

We do love our homes and for most of us it is our special investment, a reward for a job well done in life. We can grow attached to our home and treat it as an extension of our person. For this reason when it comes to home inspection we do not spare the needed details to keep the house in tip-top shape. The truth is even the best home inspector can only do so much in their inspection runs. For example they would understand that you have a pest or termite problem but he simply does not have the technical abilities to arrest or fix it before it gets worse. This is where the different types of specialized home inspection come in. Here is a basic list of some of the most important types of home inspection available to you.

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Electrical related inspection

A home inspector can tell you that the electrical system in your house is getting old and may not be compliant with the city code but he cannot replace the system nor have specific knowledge how deep you electrical issues is. An electrician on the other hand can tell you the whole picture of your electrical problems and will have answers to your most common questions like what are the best brands of electrical boxes, the costs of replacing it, and how long it will take to address the other problems in your electrical system.

Your home inspector might have some idea if the heating or air conditioning system in your house is working efficiently or not but he does not have specific knowledge to look for the causes of the problems. An HVAC specialist on the other hand can easily look into your heater or air conditioner, take it all apart, and find out the cause of the problem. He can also do the repairs for you and give you professional advice if it would be more costly to repair it than buy a brand new unit.

Structural issues

A competent home inspector can easily say that your house is built on a slab of concrete but a foundation engineer can tell you the consequences of that reality – if the foundation is sliding and is in fact faulty that it compromises the safety of the whole house. Soils stability can also be checked. This is especially important if your house is on a side of a hill. The last thing that you want is losing your home to a landslide after a rainstorm or the weakening of your foundations due to heavy rains that goes on and on for days.

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Other key home issues that demand specialized inspection

Most home inspectors know little about important details when it comes to chimneys. But the truth is many old homes have chimneys that do not have flue liners with some of the bricks in its structure crumbling to its own weight. This can become a very serious issue so a chimney inspector is needed. A chimney inspector can also ensure that the smoke is discharged correctly.

A sewer inspector can be tapped especially if your home is very old and is possibly not connected to the sewer system. They have the needed tools which include a special camera that can be inserted to the sewer pipes so that it can be determined where it is leading and do the necessary corrections needed to the sewage system of the house.