Great testimonials. Thanks to our great customers

Why our customers are so happy

As we’re such a popular Melbourne company, we have many customers that pass through our inspection services week by week. Whether we’re carrying out pre purchase building inspections Melbourne customers have requested, or some more complex inspection packages, we always find that our customers are happy and willingly pass on our details to their friends when they need inspections. We gladly welcome good feedback from all our clients, and if you visit our website, you’ll see just how happy our past customers have been as their testimonials say it all really. We have so many referrals and returning customers too, which we think is the best proof that you can get that your services are appreciated! Head over to our website to see just what our customers think of our service.


It’s not only good feedback that we like

It’s true, we love receiving good feedback and testimonials from our customers, but what about when our customers are not happy with our service. It’s inevitable sometimes that not all customers will be 100% satisfied. We know that and here at Safe and Sound Property Inspections, we’ll listen to any feedback that we get, even if it’s not something that may be all that complimentary. If you have any suggestions about how we can improve our inspection service, then we’d love to hear it. We’ve been in the business for a long time, so we’re very set in our ways. It can be difficult for us to come up with new ideas of our own sometimes, so if you can see any parts of our service that we can improve, just give us a call or use our online web form to tell us what you think! It will be greatly appreciated and taken on board!