Get to Know More About Seam Sealants

The maintenance of every one’s home might be a bit costly and a little hassle, but we need to fix every damage of our home so that it will last even more. The usual problem being encountered by most homes are holes, cracks and leaks. In order to get rid of these problems, you could use seam sealants or epoxy seam sealers.

If you just got yourself a new home and don’t know any about plastering holes and cracks, this article might help you in knowing what seam sealants and epoxy sealers are. Read on to find out the uses of seam sealants and epoxy seam sealers.

Uses of seam sealants

From the word itself, a seam sealant is used to seal or cover holes and cracks in materials made from metal or even fabric. A seam sealant is a chemical coating material widely used in homes. You can use it in repairing holes or cracks of different sizes. Other uses of seam sealants or epoxy seam sealers are to reduce water leaks or infiltration. It is also used to reduce or minimize air leaks to prevent the rusting or corrosion of an object.

Types of seam sealants

Seam sealants have two different types which are classified according to their consistency. The two types of seam sealants are (1) liquid sealants and (2) gel type sealants. To easily apply liquid sealants, spray them on fabrics. Use a spray bottle to apply the liquid sealant. If there is no available spray bottle, you can apply the liquid sealant through the use of paint rollers or brushes.

On the other hand, if you would apply a gel type sealant, use caulk guns. This silicon based product can be applied with a rubber or thermoplastic seam sealant. To create a stronger bond, the rubber sealant is caulked, then dried.
Before you purchase any type of seam sealant, be sure to consider first where you will apply the product. Will you use the product indoors or outdoors? So, before you hand your money to the cashier, read first the label of the type of your desired seam sealant. Apply it according to the instructions indicated.

Where to buy seam sealants

Seam sealants can be bought in any outdoor supply store. You can also purchase it from tent manufacturers in your area since they often sell seam sealants along with tents so that campers can fix any damage without seeking the help of professionals. Most seam sealants sold by tent manufacturers can also be used for sealing tears in jackets, rain covers and backpacks. If you want to purchase seam sealants for metal materials, you can buy it from construction supply stores or hardware stores. Some auto repair shops also sell seam sealants for metal materials.

Seam sealants can be very useful in repairing holes and tears. However, check first the condition of the item you will apply the seam sealant for. The item might just be too old and cannot be saved with just an ordinary sealing or covering.