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Choose a company you can rely on

A building inspection is an important thing to get for any new property, whether you will be purchasing it to live in or to run your business from. You should make sure that you choose a great building inspector that can offer you the very best service at a price that is reasonable too. We understand how stretched most people’s budgets are these days, so we try to offer you the cheapest building and pest inspection Melbourne has to offer, whilst at the same time delivering that excellent service that you’re expecting from us. We will treat you like an individual, just how you should be. Remember that your building inspection should be the deciding factor about whether or not you choose to make that commitment to buy or not and that’s why it is so important to choose a company that you can rely on.


Enquire about our added extras

Whilst most buyers choose to book a standard building inspection, it is not unusual for buyers to want a little bit more. If there are any other building inspection services that you will require in addition to the standard inspection, just enquire. We have reasonable rates and we give a truly personal service. We will do our best to ensure that you understand the whole process and we’ll even give you a call when you have your building inspection report to check that it’s all clear enough for you. Your report will outline the main problems with the building including the cost that it could cost to repair. This is helpful to our customers because it means they don’t have to look for the prices for themselves and gives more time to think about that important decision. You will of course see any additional data that you asked us to note down for you about the building.