Melbourne Termite Inspectors that Aren’t Pests

Do you want to keep your house and property safe from pests such as termites? Do you wish to protect your family from the harm dangerous bugs can cause? Are you looking for people who will provide you sound analysis of the condition of your household? If your answer is a resounding “Yes” to all three questions, it’s about time you get your house checked for termites by Safe and Sound Property Inspections.

  • Trusted by Experts. Accredited by and member of Housing Industry of Australia, the assessments carried out by Safe and Sound Property Inspections are done by professionals who were trained to spot any defects and possible infestations occurring in your house and property. They are also competent at making diagnosis and recommendations that should be done to repair areas affected by pests and defend your house from further contamination and damage.
  • Comprehensive Outdoor Checkup. Included in Safe and Sound Property Inspections’ areas of expertise is making sure that your share of the outdoors are well kept. They specialize in safekeeping external walls, gates, fences, surface drainages, skylights, decks and balconies, roofs and gutters, patios, and driveways.
  • Thorough Indoor Inspection.Not only are your outdoors are maintained, you can also ensure the security of your dwelling’s interiors. Checkups for walls, floors, ceilings, stairs, ventilation, laundry areas, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and shower and bath seals are also made available for your convenience.
  • Secured with Insurance. Not only does Safe and Sound Property Inspections guarantee the safety of your house and property from termites and the damage these bugs can cause, their services are also insured keeping your mind at peace.
  • Wide Range of Services. Another great thing about Safe and Sound Property Inspections is their services are not limited to termite inspections. They can also check for asbestos and other pests, as well as detailed and systematic checks for houses and buildings, old or new.

So whether you’re just conducting a regular going-over or you’re moving into a new place, have your new haven checked up by Safe and Sound Property Inspections. These guys can help you a guaranteed good night’s sleep.