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Empowering Women for Home Ownership

Women are often easy victims when it comes to buying homes that turns out to be a money pit than one’s own little patch of heaven on Earth. This is not because women are easily fooled, they just do not know how to ensure that their home purchase is not motivated by hyped up sales pitch. They simply need to be more objective in looking at a piece of property that they like and consider its problems carefully making sure they can afford to repair these eventually as they move in. If you are a woman and you are planning to buy a home, read on and learn the most basic things to cover before sealing a deal with a real estate agent.

The basic steps of buying a home

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Buying a home is more than just looking for beautiful homes and forging a “reasonable” deal with a real estate agent. You need to take your time in making sure that the home is as good as it appears to be and that it does not hide any secrets from you. Sometime the very people that should help you buy a good home are the ones that steers you towards trouble as you become a home owner. To prevent this from happening check out this list of pointers:

  • There are many real estate agents so before enlisting their services, interview a number of them. Ask them for their credentials and also if they had some problems with impropriety from previous clients and if they have ever been sued before by individuals they have dealt with in their line of business.
  • When you have decided on a real estate agent to help you with your house hunting, ask them if they know a home inspector they can recommend to you. This is an easier way to find experienced home inspectors.
  • Write to the home inspectors your real estate agent have recommended to you and ask them if they have had problems with previous clients or if they had been sued before.
  • Just to be sure, check local records if the home inspector you want to hire does not have any lawsuits in the past. If you are dealing with an inspection company then also check if they too had legal issues with people they served in the past.

What you get when home inspections are done right


Home inspections might cost you but it is money well spent especially if you know little about homes, its structure, and systems. By hiring a home inspector you spare yourself from the trouble of buying a home that would cost you a fortune just to get ready for your moving in.

  • A home inspection done well means that you can have a better understanding of the condition of the house and what part of its system have problems and need immediate attention.
  • Because you get to a detailed report about the condition of the house, you can now decide best if you want to buy the house or keep looking.
  • The detailed home inspection report can provide for a definite cost estimate for the needed repairs in the house. This can give you, the new owner of the house, a clear idea how much it would really cost to address the issues found in the home.