Driving the Termites Away from your Home

Termites are every home’s enemies. They will eat up your home away. They are greedy creatures that love to nibble secretly inside your home. Your property will be devastated in no time because of these termites. We all know that a house is very important in every family. A house protects us from all the natural forces of the environment. But if we would let the termites go on their way, we would be left homeless. Termites destroy the foundation of our house, making it crippled. To prevent termites from infesting your home, here are some tips you can try doing.

Dump the Wood

Dump the wood materials at the right place. Do not lump them near your house. Any kind of timber or wood is the favorite food of termites. If those wood materials are gone, the termites would look for another source of food which is your wooden-built house. Some species of termite also nibble on fallen leaves. Clean your roof which is stacked with dead leaves. Remove any piece of wood that you don’t need and sweep all the dead leaves to prevent the termites charging towards your house.

Keep your House Dry

Termites love damp places. Where there is moisture, termites follow. Though our bathrooms are meant to be wet, we need to dry them after we use them. This will prevent our toilets and bathrooms to accumulate too much moisture; thus, keeping the termites away. So, a ventilated bathroom is necessary so that the air could come in and come out. Another place we need to check is the basement. We often neglect the basement too much. We won’t notice that there are pipes and faucets leaking and dripping our basement. To prevent our basement from getting damp, we need to fix our drainage pipes.

Use Termite-Resistant Building Materials

So as not to invite termites inside your home, you can use termite-resistant building materials such as concrete. However, the use of wood is inevitable. We need wood in the construction of our house’s framework. Instead of using ordinary wood, we can use wood species that are less favorable to termites such as the cedar wood, the juniper and the redwood. Termites just don’t like chewing these types of wood.

Seal Cracks and Holes

Regular inspection of our home is needed so that we see that everything is under control. During your home inspection, check for cracks and holes. After spotting them, seal all the cracks and holes present in your house. Cracks and holes are good entries for termites to invade your peaceful home. It’s not too late to seal all those cracks and holes. Use a good sealer in order to permanently seal them away.

Annual Termite Inspection

For us to be sure, we need the help of professionals to inspect our home for termite damage. The professional home inspectors might be able to see the things you don’t see during your self home inspection. At least once every year, have your home inspected for termite damage.