When buying a house, the expected costs could go beyond the asking price. How? Repairs that may need to be made. Instead of an affordable deal, one will be asked to shell out more money if pipes, for example, are damaged or there is a leaking roof, etc. Similarly, someone planning to sell their home will not be able to get the best deal for the property if it has pre-existing damages. Many sellers believe that painting over problems might fix it as it look like new again however, this is what property inspectors’ look for in their inspections. This infographic will help you pinpoint some of the common problems with houses, allowing you to choose a better house when you are shopping for one or before you appoint a professional inspector.

Safe and Sound Property Inspections specialises in both indoor and outdoor property inspection and also gives advice to clients regarding remedies, including the costs that will come with any repairs, helpful repair providers, etc. With this infographic, readers will be able to assess major issues with their potential new home or property before appointing a professional.

DIY Home Inspection Infographic