Why we constantly have returning & referral customers

The best service you can find

Safe and Sound Property Inspections is a Melbourne based company that have been providing our clients with building inspections for years. We have a great team that are dedicated to customer service, so if you need to ask any questions, all you need to do is contact our team and they will use their knowledge to answer any concerns our queries that you may have. Of course, we have countless of past customers, and we can safely say that they have been happy with the service that we have given them. This shows in the numbers of returning customers and referrals who have heard about our exceptional Melbourne building inspections from past customers. If you need a building inspection, give us a try and see why people come to us time and time again for their building inspections.


A personal service for each customer

We know that you need a service that is personal and tailored to your needs. Every home is different and so is every buyer. Whether a Melbourne buyer requests a standard property inspection, or we’re asked to do pest inspections Camberwell buyers have requested, we will make sure that we give a professional inspection of the building and provide a detailed report within 24 hours. Our clients are often impressed at just how much we know about our trade, but we just think that this is what makes a successful company. When you get your report, we know things can get a little daunting. We may use terms you’ve never heard of before, or you could be unsure about how to interpret our findings. We’ll give you a call after you have received your report just to check to see if there is anything you don’t understand. Don’t worry about telling us if there is anything you’re unsure of. We aim to give our customers a service that is personal and clear and this doesn’t end until we’re sure that you understand the report that we’ve given you.