Why do our competitors not like us?

Our prices are too good!

When we give you a quote for your building inspection, we always give you a great deal. We provide you with exceptional building inspectors who have plenty of experience with building inspections. They will carry out the inspection with pride to make sure that they uncover any problems with the property. Our competitors don’t like us much because we can offer the best building and pest inspection Melbourne has to offer at a price that is just insane. If you need a property inspection, call us today and find out just why we’re so special!


We can provide just the service that you need

Our standard inspection is quite extensive and is suitable for most homes in built up areas. If you have seen the property for yourself, and it already feels like a home, it is likely that a standard inspection will be enough to uncover any issues that the property could have. Our standard building inspection services will let you know if there are any structural defects or problems on the interior and exterior of the house. We’ll do a visual check to find these for you. We’ll also do a visual check of the drains, plumbing and electrical work. Once we’ve inspected the property, within 24 hours, we’ll put together a report for you that contains a list of all the problems that we can find with the property, along with an estimation of how much it could cost to put it right. We’ll include high quality colour photos so that you can see things a little more clearly and even call you after you receive the report, just to make sure you understand it all. Our competitors are not likely to offer you the kind of customer service that we do. If you need any additional services such as pest inspections, just enquire. We can offer you a great quote for a complex inspection that our competitors are unlikely to be able to match. It’s no wonder our competitors dislike us so much!