The Most Common Household Pests

Do pests have been bugging your home lately? If so, you need to deal with them immediately. However, if you don’t want your hands to be dirtied by those annoying household pests, you may call us for help. But first, as a responsible home owner, you also need to familiarize yourself about the most common household pests in order to carefully devise a plan on how to get rid of them.

Flies – Aside from being annoying, flies are pests that could transmit diseases through landing on your food. Their tiny hairy feet are filled with germs. One of the most common diseases they cause is botulism or food poisoning.

Cockroaches – From their mere sight, cockroaches could make everyone run away. These brown oblong pests like to hide in the dark, and they feed themselves with your food left on the table without any cover. Like flies, they carry germs that could cause food poisoning.

Bedbugs – Bedbugs are like vampires since they feed on human blood. When bitten, you could develop a mild inflammation of your skin. You could mostly find them under your bed mattress, carpets, and cracks of your house.

Ants – Ants become a pest when they enter your home in search of food. If you happen to destroy their line, ants would bite you; hence, causing itchiness and pain. Most often, ants build their nest outside, in your backyard, or anything with a dry soil.

– Rats are big, brown, hairy pests that live outdoors. Rats could destroy your electric and telephone cables when they gnaw through it. Worse, these incidents could possibly lead to a fire. Rats are also dirty. They could cause diseases, too.

Mice – Mice are different from rats. They live indoors, especially in tight and dark places. Mice love to swarm inside your kitchen and closets. They like to gnaw everything including your food and clothes.

Termites – Termites could build a nest inside your house especially in damp places like your kitchen, bathroom, and even the garage. As long as there is a damp wood, the termites could invade your home easily.

Bees – Though bees are often found outdoors like in forests or trees, bees could build their home under your house’s roof. If that happens, bees could get inside your house and your family is more prone to bee stings.

Spiders – Spiders are not often viewed as pests; however, their cobwebs could make an unsightly appearance of your home especially the walls and the ceilings. Before their population grows larger, it is best to remove them.

Moths – Moths become pests when they lay their eggs on your clothing. When their eggs hatch, the caterpillar would feed from the clothes, carpets; thus, causing great damage.

If you want to get rid of these pests, it is high time for you to call us and we would gladly extend our hand. Remember that pests should be taken care of immediately.