Why choose Safe and Sound?

Safe and Sound local inspectors

Here at Safe and Sound Property Inspections, we can offer you an excellent local service that are some of the best home inspections Melbourne has to offer. We can customise your inspection to include any extra features that you may require and give you a competitive quote too. You will be in safe hands, as we do our best to make sure that you understand every aspect of our inspection and if you do have any questions, you can pop into our offices or simply give us a telephone call and we’ll be happy to answer any questions that you may have. We have plenty of experience here so we should be able to give you the answer on the spot, but if we cant answer your questions immediately, we will do our best to find the answer as soon as possible and get back to you. We try to offer an individual service because you are an individual client. We’ll keep you updated on our inspection and once the inspection is done, you can expect the report in a speedy 24 hours. We’ll even call to check it all makes sense too.

A competitive service for a competitive price

Whilst we offer you all the best services that you might expect from a building inspection company, here at Safe and Sound Property Inspections, we do our best to ensure that we offer you the most competitive pricing possible too. Everyone has a stretched budget at the moment, so having the knowledge that our inspection will help you make the right investment with your money, as well as knowing that you’re getting the best price for our service, is sure to put your mind at ease. Whilst there are some limitations to the inspections that we can offer, for example, we wouldn’t be able to test the appliances, we will add any extras that you may request as long as we have the tools and skills to do so.