Inspecting, testing, and protecting your future Melbourne home from asbestos

Despite its usefulness as a deterrent to fire and its associated hazards, asbestos is an extremely toxic and dangerous substance to have in the home. The toxicity of asbestos was discovered, confirmed, and widely acknowledged in the early 1900s. But in Australia, builders used asbestos widely from after the Second World War up to the 1989. It was only in 2003 that asbestos was banned in Australia, and as such, many buildings and residences continue to contain the substance.

At Safe and Sound Property Inspections, we are fully-licensed building practitioners and members of the Housing Industry of Australia, with full professional indemnity and public liability insurance. As such, we understand the value of asbestos testing and identification.

A property inspection should be considered an asset, aiding your decision to purchase a home. Checking for asbestos will guarantee that your prospective home will be safe for you and all of its future residents. Hiring qualified, effective, and professional asbestos inspectors will bring you peace of mind when considering this major purchasing decision.

Our two directors, Chris Wright and Tom Thorne, are registered property inspectors, and will personally inspect your home for asbestos, ensuring its safety. Our comprehensive housing inspections include full reports on structural and pest issues. These range from issues as grave as a faulty foundation, to the continued presence of asbestos, and even minor maintenance problems. We cover all the aspects of the house, including the subfloor, building interior and exterior, the roof interior and exterior, as well as the site itself. Within 24 hours, you will receive a comprehensive, easy-to-understand report on the building and its defects. Plus, we are available for contacting and consultations at any time.

If you are in Melbourne and desire thorough, readable property reports that provide full value for money, contact Safe and Sound Property Inspections at 1300 553 220. Keep in mind that your house is one of the most important purchases you will ever make, and making sure that it is free from asbestos is critical to guaranteeing this asset’s safety.