Cheaper to use a building inspector than to repair the issues

Why wait until you move in to uncover those costly repairs?

If you’ve seen the home of your dreams, it’s unlikely that you’ll want to get a building inspection. You may not want to find out if the property is unsuitable to live in or that it has an infestation of termites, but if you do ignore these problems, you can find that you have to increase your budget once you have bought the property in order to get the property in a liveable condition. Why pay those expensive repair costs later when you could find out about them now and choose not to buy the property, or knock the cost of the repairs of the buying price. Safe and Sound Property Inspections know that some buyers find it hard not to let their heart rule their head, and we do our best to be sensible for you. We provide the property inspections Melbourne property buyers need to get the peace of mind that they require. We can offer you a competitive quote today and advise you on the best inspection to get for your property if you are struggling to decide.


Don’t save money by not getting an inspection

There are some parts of the home buying procedure that are optional. You don’t need to buy home insurance before you buy the property, and you may not need to have the electricity or plumbing connected before you move in, but an inspection is certainly not the right time to be making savings. We can provide a professional building inspection from under $500, which is very competitive. Whether you need house inspections Templestowe mortgage lenders require, or if you just need a building inspection in Melbourne, we have just the service for you at an attractive price. You wont even have to wait long either. You will receive a report within just 24 hours of our inspection.