How can I benefit from a house inspection report?

Get your mortgage approved!

With more and more buyers needing to borrow larger amounts of money, many mortgage lenders will only loan the money to purchase a home if the buyers can prove that it is a worthwhile investment. It’s important that you get a reliable inspection with a clear inspection report that you can show your bank to prove that the property that you want to buy will be worth the amount that you are going to pay for it. If you’ll need to make expensive repairs when you move in, the mortgage lender will be unlikely to allow you to borrow the amount that you were hoping for. All the building and pest inspections Melbourne property buyers ask us to carry out are suitable to be given as proof to mortgage lenders. We can offer a standard home inspection, or a more detailed inspection if the property is in a poorer condition so that you know just what to expect when you move in too.


Find out now, not later, if the property needs work

Why find out when you move into the property that you need to spend thousands of dollars to get the property in a safe condition when you can find that out now and save yourself a fortune? Safe and Sound Property Inspections are completely unbiased and we always do our best to uncover all those ugly flaws that some properties can have. Whilst you may not like finding out the problems that we uncover in our building and pest inspections Ringwood or Box Hill properties have had done, you will at least have the chance to lower your buying price or even move onto a different property. We think that the benefits of getting a property inspection certainly outweigh the only negative of the added expense of the inspection. All our prices are highly competitive anyway and offer great value for money!