How can we always provide such a high quality of reports?

A professional service, run by professionals

At Safe and Sound Property Inspections, we are lucky to have a highly knowledgeable and experienced team of inspectors. They have carried out thousands of inspections between them and really know their stuff, especially when it comes to the local area. If you’re looking for building and pest inspections Melbourne property owners always choose, then we’re the company to come to. We can offer an excellent inspection with high quality reports because we have done this many times before. Knowing just what we’re doing and carrying out all our work in a professional way means that we’re productive and thorough with everything we do. We even go as far as contacting you once we have sent the report to you to ensure that you understand it all.


It’s not just the house that needs inspecting!

Some areas like Box Hill can be prone to infestations of pests. These infestations can cause additional problems for your property. Rodents like rats and mice can carry diseases as well as damaging your property and possessions by gnawing at them. Insect infestations can cause weaknesses in the integrity of the structure of your property as well as potentially causing problems for your family too. Here at Safe and Sound Property Inspections, we can provide a pest inspection Box Hill property may require. This will let you know if there is an additional problem with the property and we will include it in your report. If this is a service that you may be interested in, you should contact us for a quote. Whilst this is an added extra and not included in our standard building inspections, we would often recommend it to ensure that you don’t find any nasty surprises after you make the decision to purchase the property.