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Safe and Sound Property Inspections is a great company that has plenty of experience with inspecting properties around Australia. We have a knowledgeable and approachable team that can give you advice and answer any questions that you may have, so whether its to enquire about getting the best pre purchase building inspection Melbourne has to offer you, or if you just want to know what kind of inspection you should choose, you should contact our team in confidence. If you’re a little shy and don’t want to contact us directly straight away, we do have a website that has a list of frequently asked questions. You may find that your question has already been answered there. We also have many testimonials from customers that have used our services before.


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We believe that as a company we should make our company as approachable as possible. That’s why we give you so many ways that you can contact Safe and Sound. If it’s out of office hours, or if you don’t have time for a phone call, you can send us an email. We always check our emails frequently so you can expect a reply quickly. Whilst you’re on the internet, why not check out our website to read through our list of frequently asked questions to see if there’s anything that may help answer your questions there. Of course in office hours, you can call us and one of our team will be able to answer your questions, or else if you’re in the area, you could always pop into our office to have a face-to-face meeting with one of the many building inspectors that we have on our team. With so many ways to get in touch, we make sure that we’re always approachable.