Building Dilapidation Reports Melbourne

What is a Building Dilapidation Report  ?

A building dilapidation report takes a “snapshot” of the condition of a building at any given time and provides an accurate view of the property through pictures and a detailed written report.

For building insurance and liability purposes it is important to document the condition of your property or the neighbouring properties before demolition or building begins.

When should I get a Dilapidation Report ?

If you’re a builder or owner builder you should get a dilapidation report of the surrounding buildings prior to work commencing so you can prove the existing condition of the buildings.

If you are a building owner having work commencing next door then you should have a dilapidation report done so you can prove that damage was done through the building work. A dilapidation report will save you a lot of heartache and drama if you have to make a claim or if someone makes a claim against you.

What is included in a Building Dilapidation Report ?

Safe and Sound property Inspections will do an onsite inspection and provide a detailed written report including photos of the property condition including any pre-existing defects prior to the demolition building work commencing.

Your dilapidation report will include an external and internal inspection of the property noting condition,

Internally we’ll check the walls, floors, ceilings for cracks, bulges, dampness and any other irregularities.

Externally we’ll check walls, fascia, gutters, roofs, windows, trim and general condition for wear and tear

We’ll check exterior improvements including landscaping works and out buildings

If there is any damage in the future you will be fully prepared.

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