Building a New House: The Need for a Home Inspection

While your house is being built, it is crucial to call for the help of a home inspector. A home inspection is necessary because it would help you free yourself from unnecessary worries. It is better to have someone who is professional to look over and check your house. But when is the best time to call for a home inspection while your house is being built?

Before Backfilling the Foundation

One of the best times to call for a home inspection is before backfilling the foundation of your house. The home inspector could clearly see whether there are some mistakes or missed areas while your house is still a framework. We all know that the strength of a house also lies on how good its foundation is built. He could clearly spot and review your house’s drainage, walls, waterproofing and footing in one series of inspection.

Inspect After Insulation

The building of a new home especially its mechanical systems that includes the electrical wiring, drainage system, water piping, ducts, and a lot more. So before these rough mechanical systems are concealed, a home inspector should check first these systems so that you would be sure of their functionalities. With that, you would be assured if all your mechanical and insulation systems are working properly. The home inspector could also check for the systems’ beams, columns, bracings and bearing points.

Near Hundred Percent Complete

And lastly, another best time to call for a home inspection is when your house is nearly a hundred percent complete. The home inspector would have a quick review and inspection if your house is built well. However, this stage is the least effective because all of the house’s main systems and components are already concealed. Most likely, the home inspector could check only less of what’s left. Nevertheless, this is needed to ensure that your house is built fairly well.

As a responsible home owner, you need to do everything for the safety of your family. And this includes a regular home inspection. If you want what’s best for your family members, a home inspection should never be neglected. It should always start when you are building a new home or acquiring a new house.