What is a building inspection?

What do we offer with our inspections?

When you call us to let us know that you need some kind of property inspection, it is usually because you are thinking of purchasing it. Usually, homeowners just need a standard building inspection. This involves us coming to the property in person and checking the external structure of the property for any structural defects. We’ll visually check for any drain blockages outside the property too. Inside the property, we’ll look out for more structural issues, such as rotting wood or cracks and we’ll note any dangerous electrical work or plumbing that is visible to us too. Finally, we climb up into the roof space to check for any problems with the loft or roof. Sometimes, prospective buyers have other concerns, so they’ll ask us to check for other things. We carry out the best pest and termite inspections Melbourne companies can offer, and all these things will be included in the final building inspection report. You’ll get your report just 24 hours after we finish our inspection so you have plenty of time to mull over our findings.


Why our customers speak so highly of us

We can offer our customers a great customer service that accompanies each of our property inspections. Whether you need a simple inspection, or if you need any additional services, we will have just the package to suit your needs. We’re here to answer any questions that you have for us, and we’ll always be unbiased with your best interests as our top priority. Sometimes our customers have some suggestions about how we can improve our service. If they do, we welcome that feedback, and do our best to make the changes that our customers suggest. We think that all these reasons are what make us the best building inspection company that you’re likely to find.