We have bought houses & have been in your situation before

We put ourselves in your shoes

When you call Safe and Sound Property Inspections, you won’t be treated like just another customer, being thrown along a conveyor belt with an impersonal service. We care about each and every customer that comes to us wether they have a small or large inspection job for us. We’ve all needed a home inspection at some point, so we know how you’re feeling. We’ve been in that place where you fall in love with a property and you’re praying that the inspection goes well so we can get that dream house. Seem of us have been unlucky enough to have skipped the pre purchase inspection Melbourne inspectors like us would usually recommended, and felt the force of the consequences of doing so too. That’s why we want to make sure that you are completely satisfied with our service and understand just what makes it so important.

We protect you and your best interests

We know that you will probably be on a tight budget. We’ll only ever recommend an inspection that is necessary, and we try to make sure that all our prices are fair and reasonable. When you get your report, we’ll give you a call and check that you’re happy with it before we close your request. Whether you choose pre purchase property inspections Burwood estate agents have recommended that you get, or a home inspection that you feel you should get to check the property before you move in, we’ll complete the inspection taking extra special care to try to spot every little problem. You don’t need to worry about what happens if we do miss something either. We are fully insured just in case we do miss something – but don’t worry – that doesn’t happen very often!